Vacaloura Universe

An animal sanctuary is a place where animals of different species can live their lives as sentient individuals with their own interests; a place free of speciesism, mistreatment and exploitation, where their different needs are met.

In the sanctuaries, the individuals who live there are respected and are given the best possible life.

At Vacaloura Sanctuary, in addition to ensuring a dignified life for the animals that live here, we also aim to spread anti-speciesism and veganism, in order to achieve a society that is more respectful of non-human animals.



Located in Santiago de Compostela, it was created in 2013 to take in animals of all species, as long as they can be given a dignified life. More than 100 animals of different species (rabbits, pigs, chickens, roosters, ducks, horses, sheeps, etc...) currently live in the sanctuary.

Many of the inhabitants of Vacaloura leave behind stories of mistreatment, exploitation and neglect. At Vacaloura, the animals are fighting to recover their health and peace of mind and to live in peace.

The Sanctuary aims to share the stories of its inhabitants, with their low times and their joys, so that non-human animals can be recognised as the unique individuals they are, each with their own characteristics, possessing different emotions, wanting to give and receive love, but, above all, needing to be respected. We believe that spreading the word about what animals really are will help to ensure that they are recognised as subjects and, subsequently, that they are not seen as mere resources.

The Sanctuary is located on the outskirts of the city in a rural, quiet environment, where the inhabitants of the Sanctuary enjoy a peaceful life.


The beginning of it all

Inés and Mario are the founders of Vacaloura.

The humans who live at the sanctuary and dedicate their lives to rescuing and caring for animals in situations of abuse, exploitation or neglect.


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Don't watch the revolution!


The work done by the volunteers is an essential part of the maintenance and development of the sanctuary.

The work at the sanctuary is as satisfying as it is exhausting, but it is necessary to provide a dignified life for the Vacaloures.