It comes from the macro farm
She had a baby in the foster home but it died 🙁
During sterilisation, we discovered that she had mummified offspring
She is shy but seems at ease in Vacaloura


She comes from #Xaraleira, the farm of horrors from which, with the help of many associations from all over the state, we managed to rescue around 1500 animals.
She had a baby in her foster home (thank you for taking care of her @anisantas ) who, unfortunately, died a few days after her birth. When we went to sterilise her we realised that she had more mummified offspring inside her, as had happened to other rabbits in this rescue. She recovered very well from the operation and faster than we imagined. With cuddles, love, quality food, clean and dry bedding and a meadow to run around in, she is happier than she ever imagined.
She is a bit shy, but at the same time you can see that she is grateful for the huge change in her life. We are sad that she couldn't bring up her offspring now that she could have them in the wild, but she sometimes acts as Noite's and Día's aunt, taking a bit of work off their mothers.
She is a lovely ash grey belier doe who we hope will have many years of wonderful life ahead of her that will make her remember what she lived before Vacaloura as a distant nightmare.