His mother came from the macro farm
She was born in the veterinary clinic
She is very curious and sociable
She is always with her cousin Día


She's a lovely little bunny, dark as night and soft as cotton wool.

She comes from #Xaraleira, a macro-farm of horrors where thousands of animals died before we knew about her case and could start rescuing them.

Well, she never actually got to be there, she narrowly escaped. Her mother is the one who comes from there. Noite was lucky enough to be born at @Gecko Veterinary Clinic while we had her mother there and the next day she came to live at the sanctuary.

She is a very curious and sociable rabbit, unlike her cousin and friend Día, next to whom she is growing up.

Just these days we are fencing the rabbits' land and we hope to be able to start soon with the construction of their house. What a pleasure it will be to see them running and jumping around 🥺.