For every post you upload you can make a donation to the Sanctuary.

What is Abillion?

Abillion is a collaborative application for mobiles in which users express their opinion about food, hygiene, cosmetics or clothing products or dishes in restaurants.

We upload a photo and with our opinion we can help the thousands of people who are in the application.

How to install

You can download and install it on IOS or Android mobile phones.

Steps to get started:

1- Download the abillion app

2- Create a user.

3- Upload photos of a 100% vegan product and tell us about your experience.

4- The app will give you a choice of sanctuaries they already work with to make the donation, scroll down the list until you find Vacaloura!

There is no limit to the number of posts per day!

It is important that they are products that we have bought and tested. And of course, they must be vegan. We will be able to upload photos that we have saved in our mobile gallery.

Thanks for your support!